The Sugar Chair: Slow Down, Look Around, Figure Out How to Sweeten Things Up
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by Mark and Alexandra Milliron

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The empathy running through these age-appropriate stories is breathtaking -- even Buddy the dog shows us how to look at things through other's eyes. The young readers and listeners to these stories will be engaged for sure, and will think more about others as result, whether or not they need a little time sitting on the Sugar Chair.

-Andrew T. Watson, Head of School, Albuquerque Academy
Board Member, National Association of Independent Schools

Who wouldn't be well-served by the refrain “Slow down, look around, figure out how to sweeten things up"? The Sugar Chair Stories invite us all to step into the magical land of childhood and the wise lessons of Buddy and his human family. Children of all ages are invited towards the meaningful conclusion that we can always make any situation better when we look to sweeten things up. These stories are a perfect complement to any school our household's goals towards social, emotional and ethical learning.

-Emily McCarren, Ph.D., Academy Principal, Punahou SchoolBoard Member, Global Online Academy
Sitting and watching movers
Mother, baby, and dog

The power of the Sugar Chair and associated stories is in helping children ­and adults-slow down, engage in quiet reflection, and plan for "sweetening things up." So necessary in today's world. I'm out looking for a Sugar Chair!

-Suzanne Walsh, J.D., President, Bennett CollegeFormer Deputy Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Buddy and Taylor Rock!"

"The Sugar Chair stories are fantastic and funny to read. Truly enjoyed them with our grandkids, nieces and nephews. Love the varying scenarios at different ages, complete with three generations. This volume shared typical family transitions, with the Sugar Chair having a special way of making tough conversations positive and inspiring. Can't wait to read and share more Sugar Chair Adventures!”

— Amazon customer review